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Reference laboratory in
Andrology and Male Infertility



A pioneer in exclusive service to the male public, the Androscience Laboratory – Center for Science and Innovation in Andrology and Clinic and Reference Laboratory in Andrology, Cryopreservation and Men's Reproductive and Sexual Health, is a reference in diagnostics aimed at men's sexual and reproductive health.

The laboratory is structured in accordance with the standards of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), an authority that regulates the performance of health services, in addition to following criteria defined by laboratories of international excellence.

Services and Differentials

At the Androscience Laboratory, the male audience has access to the latest in diagnostic medicine: high-tech equipment, exams and services offered exclusively by the location, including:

Seminal analysis (spermogram)

Spermogram and seminal analysis are terms that are usually used interchangeably. Androscience agreed to call the exam that assesses minimum parameters of the ejaculated semen as spermogram, while it calls manual seminal analysis and manual seminal analysis completes the exam that assesses, in addition to the minimum parameters required by the World Health Organization (WHO), some important additional parameters when seeking a male diagnosis.
It is important to know that neither a sperm analysis nor a seminal analysis is able to determine a man's fertility or infertility. For a deeper evaluation, there are sperm function tests. The investigation of semen works as a marker of testicular function and, for this reason, it is important in the assessment of human health in a more global way.

Sperm Function Test

Sperm function tests assess how sperm react to barriers imposed by the female body on its way to the egg in the fallopian tubes. If there is any abnormality, the man may have infertility.

Complementary Exams

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every day, more than one million people around the world are infected with a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). In some cases, STIs can be asymptomatic, that is, they do not show signs and symptoms in the infected individual, causing the patient not to seek medical help and the disease to install and evolve to adjacent organs such as prostate, epididymis and testicles . The condition of chronic infection is worrisome, as it is often underdiagnosed and undertreated and can lead to male infertility. In cases of chronic epididymitis, prostatitis or orchitis, sperm are in an environment with high levels of free radicals and suffer oxidative stress, with consequent damage to the plasma membrane and sperm DNA, important pathophysiological mechanisms for reducing the fertile potential.
Screening for STIs is simple, inexpensive and should be performed annually or whenever the man notices something wrong. In our laboratory, we have highly qualified tests for investigation of the main infectious agents, in addition to relying on the support of partner laboratories recognized in the market for their excellent quality.


Androscience has a differentiated cryopreservation methodology, which guarantees the survival of sperm with quality after thawing, even after long periods of time.


Assisted reproduction

Androscience offers highly specialized and individualized procedures to improve the quality of the seminal sample sent to the Assisted Reproduction Laboratory

Androscience Laboratory Team

The laboratory team is made up of multidisciplinary professionals who, together, offer differentiated care and work towards an assertive diagnosis. The work carried out by the laboratory is entirely based on evidence and scientific research, which reinforces Androscience's position as one of the main diagnostic and science centers aimed at men's health.


Offer seminal analysis services, with the highest technical rigor and quality. Leading market innovation focusing on differentiated tests, based on modern scientific studies to support the high degree of accuracy in diagnoses regarding the causes of male infertility.


Being the reference laboratory in sperm function tests, guaranteeing the highest level in performance, reliability and pioneering innovation in techniques to restore male fertility, always based on science.


  • Pioneering spirit;

  • Credibility;

  • Innovation;

  • Excellence;

  • Ethic.

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