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Androscience Laboratory

Since its foundation in 1998, Androscience has established itself as a laboratory of excellence and a world reference in research and diagnosis of the treatment of male infertility and men's health.
The laboratory structured its activities on the provision of services, but always with the concern of contributing to the advancement of science, collaborating nationally and internationally in research and studies of Andrology, thus exercising a translational medicine, which ensures that new discoveries are made available to your customers.

science for health

The laboratory also acts as a center for scientific innovation and the entire team conducts clinical research in favor of men's health, in search of increasingly specialized and accurate diagnoses for its clients. See what are the research lines of the Androscience laboratory and its performance in the  science  for Brazil and the world.

Get in touch with the Androscience Laboratory and have access to the latest in laboratory diagnosis of male health.

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